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Mammography services offered in North Reading, MA

Routine mammography screenings are an effective way to reduce your risk for breast cancer complications. At Nova Women’s Health, we can provide breast exams and if needed referrals to state-of-the-art mammography services as part of breast cancer screening. Call the North Reading, Massachusetts, office to schedule a mammography referral or book a consultation online today. 

Mammography Q & A

What is mammography?

Mammography describes medical imaging that uses low-dose X-ray technology to evaluate breast tissue.

This type of imaging is a preventive screening tool for breast cancer. Routine mammography screenings can identify warning signs of cancer in the earliest stages. Early detection and treatment of breast cancer can minimize your risk of cancer spreading elsewhere.

Nova Women’s Health offers state-of-the-art mammography technology on-site. The team uses mammography to screen for cancer and provides additional services if you need treatment.

You may need to schedule a yearly mammogram if you’re over 40. You may also need routine mammograms if you have a family history of cancer or other risk factors for breast cancer.

How do I prepare for my mammography appointment?

Ahead of your first mammography appointment, the Nova Women’s Health providers can tell you more about what to expect and how to prepare for your test.

You may need to schedule your mammogram if you’ll have your period on the day of your test or if you think or know you’re pregnant.

On the day of your mammogram, you shouldn’t wear any lotion or deodorant under your arms or on your breasts to ensure your results are accurate.

What happens during mammography?

During your mammography appointment, the Nova Women’s Health team provides a medical gown for you to change into. You will need to remove your shirt and bra but can leave your other clothes on.

You stand in front of a large X-ray machine. The technician positions your breast on a platform and activates a plate that compresses your breast to achieve clearer X-ray images of your breast tissue.

The compression can cause some discomfort, but you should remain as still as possible while the machine creates images of your breast. The process repeats for your other breast, and then you can get dressed.

The Nova Women’s Health team discusses your mammography results when they’re ready. If you have areas of suspicious tissue, you may need a follow-up mammogram, ultrasound testing, or a biopsy to confirm or rule out cancer.

Call Nova Women’s Health to learn more about the diagnostic benefits of mammography or book an appointment online today.